Public Works, Sewer & Water

Public Works, Sewer & Water

Public Works Department:

ph: 715-229-4612

PW Director
Chad Smith
Matt Bottlemy
Water & Building Permits/Zoning
Brandon Wilson
                                                                                                CJ Kreuscher
Owen Building Inspector for NEW Construction or Remodeling
Bob Christiansen - 715-297-6600


Water Utility Reports & Information:


Utility Bill Questions
How do I read my Utility bill?

There are three parts to your Utility bill, Refuse (Garbage & Recycling), Water, and Sewer. For Water and Sewer there are fixed rates and also volume charges based on usage.

Most residents have a 5/8" or 3/4" meter so the base cost or fixed rate for Water is $54.00/quarter and Sewer is $22.02 plus Refuse of $32.75/quarter for a total of $108.77 per quarter or $36.25 per month.

Then there is the usage or volume charges. Water is $6.40 per thousand gallons & Sewer is $8.76 per thousand gallons. This is the rate for usage under 20,000 gallons. Your meter is read every quarter and estimated in between for any monthly bills.


Public Works/Utilities Committee 2020-2021

John Mauel
Ken Martine
Al Wagner


Sidewalks Sub-Committee

Pam Jaffke
Al Wagner
Brandon Wilson


Sewer Commission

Owen Representative
Harry Mitchell
Kerry Representative
Brian Hederer
John Mauel
Withee Representative
Troy Hatlestad
Owen Representative
Brad Gokey