5th Street Construction Project Updates

5th Street Construction Project Updates

9/24/20 update:  
Please see the attached Revised Owen Truck Route going forward, signage is coming.  Please try to stay OFF the new pavement, especially with heavy trucks or trailers, and there is still much to do to complete the paving, man hole covers, and road crossings.  It will be done soon, thank you for your patience. 

9/2/20 update:  
Sidewalks have now been poured and driveway aprons and approaches are to be finished this week.  Top soil will also be added to the boulevards weather permitting.  Signage will be added to assist those large trucks & semi's through a revised truck route through the construction. 

8/21/20 update:
All pipe work is complete including the watermain added on Oak Street and the storm sewer added on Linden Street.  The ditch is completed and I might add, looks great!!  The subcontractor, Sampson Concrete crew did a great job on getting all curb and gutter done in 2 days.  Steen is in the process of getting areas behind the curb read for sidewalk and driveway aprons.  Sampson Concrete scheduled to start sidewalk and drive aprons next Wednesday or Thursday.  Once concrete work is complete, Steen will add needed base course on roadways to prepare for the asphalt.  First layer of asphalt scheduled for late September with final surface in 2021.

6/1/20 update:
All mainline sanitary sewer and water main is installed with exception of the water main under the railroad tracks. The railroad permit for installing water main underneath the CN Railroad has been approved and that work will commence within the next couple of weeks.  All sanitary sewer laterals and water services have been installed and are connected to the new mains.  The three large diameter storm sewer pipes have been installed on Colman Street.  The roadway on Colman Street is currently being constructed.  Contractor will continue to install storm sewer on Colman Street and 5th Street.


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